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Nebraska's Eco-Conscious
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Hand and Foot Care Salon


We are the ONLY medical grade nail salon in Nebraska. This involves enhanced sanitary procedures, sanitized and autoclave sterilized instruments and surfaces. The Nail Bar is Podiatrist approved and recommended, with sanitary standards that surpass state requirements.
The Nail Bar offers personalized, concierge services especially designed for your specific needs. We focus first on the health of your hands and feet, and leave them looking great.
Our founder, Michelle, is physician trained, board certified with over 30 years' experience. She is trained to identify issues, and work with your doctor to care for your feet and hands as prescribed.
If prescribed by your physician, services at The Nail Bar can be eligible for payment from your HSA. (Consult your plan administrator for details).
The following podiatrists regularly refer clients to The Nail Bar: Dr. Eugene Rosenthall, DPM, FACFAS; Dr. Michael Schnieder, DPM; Dr. Paul Stone, DPM, FACFAS



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